• Ferrari F12berlinetta, nicely captured

    Ferrari F12berlinetta, nicely captured No F12tdf or a limited edition of a kind in this article. ‘Just’ an ‘ordinary’ F12berlinetta in grey, captured at an extraordinary location. Read more

  • Spotted: Porsche GT3 RS with 'damage'...

    Spotted: Porsche GT3 RS with 'damage'... …or not? This car is a bit confusing at first sight, because the Porsche is covered in a wrap which insinuates damage and fakes rust. The car has been spotted in Canada and caught a lot of attention. Read more

  • Spotted: very rare McLaren P1 XP Carbon Series

    Spotted: very rare McLaren P1 XP Carbon Series If you’ve never seen a McLaren P1 before, which is not uncommon, then it’s an absolute occasion when you see one in the flesh for the first time. It gets even more special when the car you see is a special edition. This McLaren P1, which is completely built up from carbon fiber, used to be a prototype before! Read more

  • Daniel Ricciardo enjoys his McLaren 675 LT

    Daniel Ricciardo enjoys his McLaren 675 LT If you finished at second place in the last race before the summer break, a nice holiday is well-deserved! At Hockenheim, Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing finished just one place behind the at this moment very strong Lewis Hamilton. After the race in Germany, the summer break began, so the drivers can do as they please for two weeks! Read more

  • Driven: Ford Focus RS 2016

    Driven: Ford Focus RS 2016 I’ll have to admit, when Ford announced that there would be a new Focus RS, we danced around like children. Immediately, a flashback to the last generation Ford Focus RS appeared in our heads. That car drove so good, we had trouble handing over the keys back to Ford. Hot hatches are so incredibly fun to drive. Is this also the case with the new Focus RS? Read more

  • Special: Josh Cartu at the Ferrari Cavalcade 2016

    Special: Josh Cartu at the Ferrari Cavalcade 2016 The Ferrari Cavalcade is an annual rally that takes place in Italy and brings together some of the world's most passionate and important Ferrari clients, for several days of driving through some of the most impressive roads in the country. After the 2015 edition was held in Rome, for 2016 the organizers had planned everything to take place in the surrounding area of one of the most iconic cities in the country, Venice. Read more

  • The Latest Amazing Mercedes Technologies

    The Latest Amazing Mercedes Technologies Out of all the manufacturers in the world, there are few as stylish, classic and impressive as Mercedes. The manufacturer, which is a division of German company Daimler AG, is famed for their luxury vehicles and they are one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. Mercedes are also trailblazers when it comes to technology, with some of their latest technology impressively being used to boost the performance, safety and experience of their automobiles. Read more

  • Lamborghini proudly presents the Centenario Roadster

    Lamborghini proudly presents the Centenario Roadster Here they are: the first live pictures of the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. It was no secret that it would be made, the former CEO of Lamborghini -Stephan Winkelmann- said during his farewell-speech in Geneva that 20 coupes and 20 roadsters were going to be built of the Centenario. The coupe was already revealed in Geneva, it’s the roadster’s turn at Pebble Beach. Read more

  • Why has this E 63 AMG Estate got extra wide wheel arches?

    Why has this E 63 AMG Estate got extra wide wheel arches? If there’s one car that is known for its perfect set of hips, it’s the Audi RS6 Avant. Both the current generation as well as the previous generation of that car has got a powerful road presence by widened wheel arches. Mercedes-AMG seems to try the same trick on the new E 63 Estate. Some people even go as far as to say there is a possible Black Series-model in the works. What is exactly going on in Affalterbach? Read more

  • Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6: put it into production!

    Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6: put it into production! And effective immediately! Back to the time the Mafia-ages with the imposing cars of Don Corleone and his henchmen. The Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 fits into that image perfectly. It’s okay to be posing again, and we are super hyped to see how Maybach is going to convert this masterpiece into a street legal car! Read more

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