BMW M3 E93 Cabriolet with an identity crisis

BMW M3 E93 Cabriolet with an identity crisis The following spot is a rather remarkable one. We haven’t seen this combination so far, but still the new bumper gives the car a total new and though image. The BMW M3 E93 Cabriolet is fitted is with a bumper which is different from the standard one. This very bumper found its way from the 1-Series M Coupé to this M3 E93 Cabriolet. For that, the owner had to do some extra pains, the standard fit wasn’t right.

The M3 is 1803 millimeters wide where the 1-Serie M Coupé is 1800 millimeters wide at the front. Next to that, the headlights are also shaped differently. In this case it looks like the bumper of the M3 is shred into pieces and stuck to the 1-Series’ bumper. If it is, than it must be done by a real professional as it looks really good. Or is there someone who offers these bumpers tailor-made? We don’t know, but we are looking for more information about this!

BMW M3 E93 Cabriolet with an identity crisis

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    Seems that the bumper has really been custom made. If you compare the bumper on the M3 with the one in this photo ( ), it can clearly be seen that the are area above the air vents is totally different to adapt to the front grilles and headlamp contour of the M3.They've also added a lip to it.In my opinion, the ones who did that are really pros !

    2013-07-19 at 10:04