BMW M5 F10 looks trendy in Qatar

BMW M5 F10 looks trendy in Qatar Dark shades, we see that too often on cars from the Middle-East. Logical with all the high temperatures all through the year. Light tints, especially white, are the most common colours here. But, only white BMW M5s are boring. The owner of this yellow one probably thought the same about this!

This beautifully setted M5 can go into the archives together with the "Colours of the rainbow" special. The colour is chosen by using the BMW Individual program, we talk about a colour which is avaibable for the BMW Z4, Z4 Atacamagelb. A bright yellow colour which fits good on a roadster like the Z4. But does it also fit the M5? It’s up to you to decide. One shouldn’t argue about tastes, but in Europe it will not be as loved as it will be in the Middle-East.

BMW M5 F10 looks trendy in Qatar

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