First details Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo are revealed

First details Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo are revealed The introduction of the LaFerrari already is some weeks behind us. This doesn’t mean we can expect more automotive news from Maranello for the coming months. We even can expect a new Ferrari to be introduced in the coming months!

The first big automotive parlour in Europe is the IAA in Frankfurt. At the moment a thread started on TeamSpeed where people discuss the lighter and more powerful version of the 458 Italia. At the moment it are just rumors which are told, but insiders think the Ferrari will get the name 458 MonteCarlo, but there are others who think it will be called Challenge Stradale. But, as we said, those stories are just rumors.

Due using many carbon fiber, lighter parts and removing the superflouos parts the 458 Montecarlo will be around 100 kilograms lighter. Also the V8 will be pumped up, we expect 30 extra bhp’s from the V8, so the total amount will be 600 bhp. Just like its predecessors, Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia, the car will be more hardcore on the inside. On TeamSpeed, someone told the Manettino will be easier to control. The exterior will become more aggressive, but that’s self-evident.

The expetations are that the car will be introduced in August or September. In Germany, the first copies would be delivered to customers in the beginning of 2014.

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