• Tracking your car? Say goodbye to the warranty!

    Tracking your car? Say goodbye to the warranty! Many people criticise supercar owners because they do not use their cars the right way. Most people expect supercar owners to track their cars and always have them in sport mode etc etc. Usually these people criticising don’t own a supercar, or even have their drivers license but that doesn’t withhold them from voicing their opinion. It is remarkable however that not many supercar owners track their cars. This may have many different reasons, of course the owner may not like to track their car, or the cost of tracking is too high. However what many people don’t know is that most car manufacturers have a special clause in the warranty information voiding the warranty for damage or repairs due to usage on the racetrack. Read more

  • Instagrammer Woppum in his McLaren P1

    Instagrammer Woppum in his McLaren P1 Everyone who follows 'Woppum' on Instagram, knows he has a great taste in terms of cars. His last acquisition is a perfect example of that. Since a month or so he owns this McLaren P1, also known as the WopP1. Let's take a closer look shall we? Read more

  • McLaren P1 LM beats the track record at Goodwood FoS

    McLaren P1 LM beats the track record at Goodwood FoS Last weekend, the estate of Goodwood was the place to be for every automotive enthusiast on this planet. Why? Because Lord March opens his estate to host the magnificent Festival of Speed every year. From Formula 1-cars to superbikes, it's all there. This McLaren P1 too, which absolutely shattered the hillclimb-record for road cars. In the following movie you can see how fast it is going and how big the balls of the driver are. Look at how close he is to the wall! Read more

  • Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is the next one in line

    Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is the next one in line Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the GT R. After long and intensive testing the 'Beast of the Green Hell' was revealed to the general public last week. But there is more in the pipeline at Affalterbach, they have brought a new project to the road: the AMG GT Roadster. Read more

  • Mercedes-AMG GT R: a detailed look

    Mercedes-AMG GT R: a detailed look The 'Beast of the Green Hell', aka the Mercedes-AMG GT R, has been presented a few days ago. So, it's time to take a more detailed look at this car. The green color already makes it a very special car to look at, but the beauty of this car is in the details. Time to see how this car sets itself apart from the 'regular' AMG GT! Read more

  • Event: Streetgasm 2000 V

    Event: Streetgasm 2000 V It's Saturday June the 11th when 130 teams arrive at the starting line in Prague to participate in Streetgasm 2000, which is sort of a smaller version of the Gumball 3000. After the teams fired up their engines, they will drive from Prague to Monaco within a week. Of course, an event like this isn't complete without the most extravagant cars: we can see a team in an i8 who try to look like Captain America and a 675 LT which has been transformed into the Hulk. All in all it has been a truly epic journey! Read more

  • Q by Aston Martin build the ultimate open-top Vantage

    Q by Aston Martin build the ultimate open-top Vantage Aston Martin today unveiled its most extreme roadster ever in the unique form of the one-off Vantage GT12 Roadster. A tailor made customer commission undertaken by Q by Aston Martin, the Vantage GT12 Roadster takes the original Vantage GT12 Coupe’s hardcore ethos and adds the visceral thrill of open-top driving, offering the driver an intensified sensation of exhilaration and the unfiltered fury of a 600PS V12 soundtrack. Read more

  • Professional HID Headlight Assistance

    We don't know about you, but when we are doing anything to our automobile, we want to have a knowledgeable expert close at hand. When we are dealing with a busted headlamp, the first thing we do is turn to an HID headlights pro. There is no way that we are going to put ourselves, our car, or others in harm's way by trying to figure out the problem ourselves. By just going to an expert right off the bat, we can get things squared away in no time at all. Sounds like a smart choice, right? Read on for more information about what these experts can do for you. Read more

  • Ferrari LaFerrari Spider: is this it?

    Ferrari LaFerrari Spider: is this it? The LaFerrari Spider is a car many hypercar-lovers look extremely forward to. It's an absolute certainty that it's coming: some Ferrari-collectors already received their box with the symbolic keys to their LaFerrari Spider. What's curious though is that the car hasn't been spotted until this day, could this one finally be it? Read more

  • Coming up: Mercedes-Maybach S650 Landaulet (premier)

    Coming up: Mercedes-Maybach S650 Landaulet (premier) We still remember the Maybach 62 Landaulet, right? Sure you do. It was a very special car: the chauffeur had a fixed roof over his head, while the rear passengers lied under a massive softtop which could be openened to enjoy a bit of fresh air. Lovely, enjoying the summer breeze with a glass of champagne in your hand. Great news: Mercedes-Maybach is also developing a model of this kind: the S650 Landaulet. Read more

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