Is this what the Porsche Macan will look like?

Is this what the Porsche Macan will look like? In September, we will definitely know it, but it looks like the looks of the Porsche Macan are already leaked. Last week, we found this image on the internet. The pictures isn’t very sharp we can expect that this will be the Porsche Macan. Provided with a lot of new techniques, it will be placed below the Cayenne which will still be the most sporty SUV.

The Macan will be the first Porsche with four-cylinder diesel engines. Everyone will decide for themselves what to think of this but Porsche seems to invest a lot of money in the use of diesel engines in their sporty cars. Of course, the Carrera series won’t get a diesel engine, but the growth of SUVs with diesel engines is quite an interesting development.

The looks of the car are almost identical to the Porsche Cayenne. The lines are almost the same, the nose is just as aggressive and this will make it hard to make out whether you’re dealing with a Cayenne or a Macan. Of course, the shape of the headlights is different, it has a new kind of fold on the hips, which we already saw on the Boxster and Cayman and we still don’t know much about the back of the car. But, this picture could probably be the future Porsche Macan. In two weeks, Porsche organizes an secret event so maybe this will be a perfect moment to get some more pictures and information about the Porsche Macan.

Is this what the Porsche Macan will look like?

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