Last Lexus LF-A will go to Switzerland

Last Lexus LF-A will go to Switzerland Lexus showed us with the LF-A that they can also build supercars next to all the businesslike cars they built. It’s a truly unique supercar. The LF-A has an amazing V10 and exotic looks. Of the 500 copies which are built, the last copy arrived at its new owner, in Switzerland.

The owner of copy number 493 is Nicolas Schilling. A fanatic of the country Japan and exporter of French and Swiss wines to Japan. Next to that, he opened the first gastronomic Japanese restaurant in Switzerland. The owner was impressed by the looks of the car but what really convinced him to buy it was the amazing sound of the V10. It’s a car with innovative technology and which is build with absolute passion. It’s a masterpiece in the Japanese automotive industry, an amazing car.

In Europe, 40 copies have arrived at their new owners. Fifteen of them went to Germany, six to Switzerland, five to the United Kingdom, four to the Netherlands and three copies to France. In Europe, four LF-A’s are equipped with the so-called Nürburgring Package. The Lexus LF-A was in production from 15 December 2010 to 14 December 2012.

Last Lexus LF-A will go to SwitzerlandLast Lexus LF-A will go to Switzerland

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    2013-03-27 at 20:33
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    :'( Sad it's the last one to be built.

    2013-03-27 at 23:44

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