Mansory Siracusa looks great in white

Mansory Siracusa looks great in white The Mansory Siracusa, the vision of Mansory on the Ferrari 458 Italia, is sold a lot in the Middle-East. Earlier on, we saw two red copies and a grey one appearing on our website, this time it’s the turn to a white one.

This time, a Siracusa was spotted in Qatar, the three others were spotted in Dubai. The Siracusa is one big carbon fiber party. Everywhere you look you can see carbon fiber. If it aren’t the air intakes next to the headlights, then it must be the big spoiler at the back. Also the heavy rear window is replaced by carbon fiber. This already makes the Siracusa 70 kilograms lighter than it was. We don’t know how deep you have to dig into your pocket for that, but expect a greasy price. Of course, those who order a 458 Italia or Siracuse don’t really care about a gran more or less. Of course Mansory isn’t only about show. They also upgrade the software of the engine, place another air filter and add a new sporty exhaust system to that. The result of this is 590 bhp and 560 Newtonmeters from the V8, which makes it possible to go from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds. That’s great to test at an empty straight road, but not where this car is spotted most, at the valet-parking of a shopping mall.

Mansory Siracusa looks great in white

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