• Movie: love is.. owning 45 BMWs

    Movie: love is.. owning 45 BMWs Real BMW fanatics love to talk about their passion for BMW. This BMW collector, who wants to stay anonymous but isn't really good in this, has a beautiful collection of classic BMWs. We see a classic M6 and a lot of other beautiful models that make our hearts beat faster. Read more

  • Movie: Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV the new Ring king?

    Movie: Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV the new Ring king? No hybrid technology but just an old-fashioned naturally aspirated V12. Lamborghini recently set a lap time on the Nürburgring under seven minutes. We have to say that the Lamborghini is a few seconds slower than the Porsche 918 Spyder, it's not a new record but still a great performance by Lamborghini! Does this mean that the Aventador LP750-4 SV is a really good track car? It sure seems like this! Read more

  • Movie: GRIP is going crazy in Dubai

    Movie: GRIP is going crazy in Dubai GRIP with Matthias Malmedie is the German Top Gear and a lot of Germans are waiting for this program every Sunday evening. Matthias does the most crazy things and two weeks ago they visited Dubai during their episode. That's where he meets the Dubai car world and does the most crazy things. Driving 300 kph on the highway or going drifing. It also proves that you can't buy any driving skills for money. It's a fun movie with a lot of different cars. Read more

  • Movie: Lamborghini Huracán versus a snow scooter

    Movie: Lamborghini Huracán versus a snow scooter It's always fun to see a supercar competing something without wheels but with wings or caterpillar tracks. Autoexpress visited the cold north to test the Huracán LP610-4. In the following movie the Lamborghini fights out a battle with a snow scooter. Will the four-wheel drive be able to win this fight? Read more

  • Movie: Ferrari F40 is going completely crazy in Monaco

    Movie: Ferrari F40 is going completely crazy in Monaco Whether it's a classic or not. Some owners just use their car for what powerful cars are built for. Flooring the pedal, doing a burnout and just enjoy your car. That last part can be done in different ways. Some prefer to cruise around while others won't let their car get outside and others just go completely crazy, just like the following owner in Monaco during Top Marques Monaco. The owner made a big burnout and all the present spotters really enjoyed this! Read more

  • Movie: four generations of supercars are having fun at Fiorano

    Movie: four generations of supercars are having fun at Fiorano Seeing four generations of supercars on Fiorano is already quite a miracle. What makes it even more special is that they're all driven by the man who testes all these cars during the pre production phase of these models. We're talking about the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. These cars were all milestones in Ferrari's history in the past thirty years. The cars are driven by Dario Benuzzi, in service of Ferrari since 1969. The testing driver drove all the generations and now they're merged in a unique timelapse! Read more

  • Movie: battle of the giants

    Movie: battle of the giants The Top Gear TV show might not be the same anymore but luckily there's still the YouTube channel of Top Gear who still shares great movies. In the newest video we see two giants fight each other. The Ford Raptor against the Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4 on a track of dirt, hills and water. We don't learn which car is the best but the following movie definitely entertains us! Read more

  • Movie: Last Lion Lifestyle Run

    Movie: Last Lion Lifestyle Run In March, a lifestyle event named the Last Lion Lifestyle Run was organized in South Africa. It's an event for sports cars and supercar owners who love to take their cars for a ride. We've already showed you a photo report on Autogespot and now the aftermovie of this event is ready! Read more

  • Movie: Porsche shows the new Boxster Spyder

    Movie: Porsche shows the new Boxster Spyder We thought that Porsche was finished with introducing new models after the Geneva Motor Show but Porsche came up with the Boxster Spyder on the New York Motor Show. The Boxster Spyder is a beautiful car and produces only 10 hp less than the Cayman GT4. The car might be less sporty but it's still a very lovely car. Porsche shows their latest model in the following movie. Read more

  • Movie: making of a chase in James Bond's Spectre

    Movie: making of a chase in James Bond's Spectre We've already showed you a few movies of the latest James Bond movie Spectre. This where movies from those who managed to get some footage of the recordings of the movie. Now the movie makers theirselves show us a part of the movie we really love as real car fanatics! The Aston Martin DB11 and Jaguar C-X75 are chasing each other in the city of Rome. In the following movie we get a sneak peek behind the scenes how this chase is being recorded! Read more

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