• Photoshoot: Ferrari F50

    Photoshoot: Ferrari F50 Ferrari's third 'supercar' was the F50. With only 349 copies, this is a Ferrari which is more rare than the current supercars, the Enzo Ferrari and LaFerrari. In Switzerland, FuturePhotography recently took out a Giallo Modena colored copy for a photoshoot. Read more

  • Colorful Porsche Club Thailand meeting

    Colorful Porsche Club Thailand meeting Thailand is not one of the largest markets for Porsche, but the clients they have there are big fans of the brand. Recently Porsche Club Thailand came together with the most beautiful gems of the country. One of the participants sent us this photo report of the best cars Porsche has made in the last few years. Heaven to Porsche enthusiasts (like me)! Read more

  • Switzerland at its best: Rolls-Royce Wraith reportage in Gstaad

    Switzerland at its best: Rolls-Royce Wraith reportage in Gstaad Gstaad in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful villages of this country. The small village shows some Swiss heritage,classic styling and a lot of hidden pearls. This is the perfect place for a report with a car that feels at home in Gstaad, the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Future Photography took this car out for a ride and made a beautiful report of this car. Read more

  • Photoshoot: Lamborghini Reventón Roadster & McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

    Photoshoot: Lamborghini Reventón Roadster & McLaren SLR Stirling Moss Over the last couple of years, dozens of special supercars are built. Limited editions that mostly can be found in big car collections. Two of these supercars which are really special are the Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss. Cars that made a big impact when they were introduced and nowadays they still do. In Switzerland, Future Photography had the opportunity to end the year in style with a photoshoot of these pearls. Read more

  • Maserati Ghibli beautifully captured in Cape Town

    Maserati Ghibli beautifully captured in Cape Town The Ghibly might be the cheapest Maserati available, it's still a Maserati. An Italian always has something special, especially with a trident on the front. Heinrich Knoetze got the opportunity to capture this Ghibli in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more

  • Photoshoot: Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce in Australia

    Photoshoot: Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce in Australia In Europe it's winter and most of the supercars are parked inside. On the other side of the world, the southern hemisphere, the summer just started and the supercars can be found on the streets. So in Australia, where the first Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce arrived a few weeks ago. CelSydney had the chance to do a photoshoot with this beauty. Read more

  • Owner shows his lovely BMW M3 Sedan

    Owner shows his lovely BMW M3 Sedan Next to many car spotters and car fanatics, a lot of car owners find their way to Autogespot. Thanks to social media more and more owners visit Autogespot regularly and they love to share their own photos. We received a great set of photos from the owner of this BMW M3 Sedan. Read more

  • Photography: Startech Range Rover

    Photography: Startech Range Rover White cars fit perfect in Miami. Everybody knows the city from the Art Deco styled architecture and the lifestyle of showing your success. Our friends from F355 Automobili Technic Miami finished recently building a Range Rover with a STARTECH widebody kit. This car is perfect for Miami. After the building finished they organized a photoshoot with the car. Read more

  • Photoshoot: Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica

    Photoshoot: Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica Ferrari comes up with a limited edition of every model. Often this are more sporty models like the 599 GTO and the current F12tdf. For the 5757M Maranello it was a cabriolt that got the Limited Edition tag, the 575 SuperAmerica. Our team in Moscow had the chance to do a photoshoot with a beautiful copy of our friends of TopCar. Read more

  • Photoshoot: Porsche 991 GT3

    Photoshoot: Porsche 991 GT3 With a temperature around freezing, the good weather is gone in Switzerland. Snow and low temperatures is what the next few months will be all about. With a great photoshoot in the surroundings of Geneva, we will bring back the atmosphere of summer and good weather for one last time. Read more

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