Rendering: Ferrari F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila

Rendering: Ferrari F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila When you want your own unique Ferrari, all you need is a big pile of money. Designer Evren Milano already designed and realized several projects. A recent rendering is the 770 Daytona, which unfortunately isn’t going to be realized. The F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila is another kind of rendering. If someone is seriously interested this project can be made!

Due to a collaboration between PininFarina and Fioravanti it is possible to design your own Ferrari. That car then will be registered as a proper Ferrari. The only things which are needed are money, a good design and of course a donor car. The Giallo Acquila is based on the F12berlinetta and will have a changed, more aggressive back thanks to some extra lines and a big spoiler at the back. Also the wheelarches have become slightly wider and under them, new wheels can be found. Eventually we end up with quite an awesome rendering. All we further need is someone who is interested and wants to own this F12berlinetta. You know what to do when you have the money!

Rendering: Ferrari F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila

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