Spot of the year

Spot of the Year
The 6th poll to designate the Spot of the Year will take place in January 2014. Earning the prestigious title of Spot of the Year is perfect evidence that you’re a talented photographer and that Autogespot users like your pictures. A series of rewards are linked to this prestigious title.

– Two press cards to visit the motor shows in Genève, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Brussels, as well as the Top Marques Monaco exhibition in Monaco.
– A day out with the Autogespot Crew during a road test.

How can you take part?
Whenever you upload a spot you automatically take part in the Spot of the Day poll. If you win the title of Spot of the Day, your spot will participate in the Spot of the Month poll. If you win once again, then your spot will be eligible for the Spot of the Year poll and perhaps you’ll win the wonderful prizes linked to this title!

How can you vote?
You can vote for the Spot of the Year by using a vaid e-mail address.


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