Spotted: first McLaren P1 without any camouflage

Spotted: first McLaren P1 without any camouflage On the E3 gaming exhibition, McLaren told that there are only two copies of the P1 on the world, at this moment. We already saw one of them in Geneva, the other copy was an orange one which was presented on the E3 exhibition. McLaren isn’t completely honest as we can see on the following spot. We see a grey copy which serves as a test car or a test drive model. This car was spotted in Leicestre and we now know what the hypercar looks like on the public streets.

The exotic lines really stand out between the normal traffic. Such round lines are something we don’t see very often. From a big distance you’ll immediately see that you aren’t dealing with an ordinary sports car. The round shapes at the back make the car look extremely wide and this makes the diffuser stand out even better. On the front, the sharp and low nose stands out, which also creates extra downforce thanks to the small lip. You’ll need this when you’re speeding towards a corner with more than 900 hp behind your back. McLaren will start building the P1 at the end of this year, so we expect that we will see the first real spot on Autogespot at the end of this year, we’re looking forward to that moment!

Spotted: first McLaren P1 without any camouflage

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    is this still a spy spot? it has already been revealed

    2013-06-27 at 17:26