Strange sighting: chrome BMW M5 in Moscow

Strange sighting: chrome BMW M5 in Moscow Next to matte colours, chrome colours are also popular as a wrap. A chrome wrap will never become more popular than a matte colour but still people dare to choose it. This is a perfect choice for Russians and other people who love to stand out!

An outrageous Russian chooses a chrome wrap every now and then. We recently showed you a red Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. This time it is a BMW M5 F10 which was spotted in this crazy city of Moscow. It is not the only chrome M5 in this city. There is also a golden chrome M5 E60 which is very famous on YouTube. The M5 F10 can be sure of a lot of attention. Most of the cars in Russia are business like, unlike this car. Next to that, the car probably isn’t finished yet. The rear bumper is missing. Probably a project with work in progress. We think the engine is tuned too, according to the stickers on the car. People always want more power!

Strange sighting: chrome BMW M5 in Moscow

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