The Corvette Stingray is on the streets!

The Corvette Stingray is on the streets! In February we asked ourselves for the Corvette Stingray to be spotted and uploaded on Autogespot. It has gone quite fast for a car which isn’t even in production yet. In New York the new Stingray was spotted!

Together with the SRT Viper, the Stingray is the ultimate American sportcar of the moment. Despite its complete makeover it can be recognized as a Corvette. The Stingray looks way more aggressive than its predecessor, the C6. More air intakes and bigger spoiler did the trick. The back is completely filled in with significant exhausts and unique taillights. In the back we can still find a V8-engine, which produces 450 bhp and 610 Newtonmeters. With using carbon fiber, Corvette was able to decrease the weight of the Corvette, but the exact decrease isn’t known yet. Corvette didn’t reveal all specs of the Stingray, something we expect them to the in the coming months. What we do know, is that a topspeed of over 300 kph is possible.

The Corvette Stingray is on the streets!

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