This is the new Pagani Zonda PS

This is the new Pagani Zonda PS Well, what if you already own a Pagani Zonda PS but the car starts to bore you. You can keep driving it, but you can also order a new one at Pagani. The white Pagani Zonda PS was spotted a few times when it was heading to the 24 hours race of Le Mans but the car will now probably be stored and it won’t come outside anymore. Now it’s time for a new Zonda PS of which we can show you the first picture now!

The Zonda PS in white and black was quite ordinary, although ordinary isn’t just ordinary when we’re talking about a Zonda. This Zonda PS is a bit more rigorous and the blue colour shows this. When we take a further look at the car, we see a gigantic spoiler and a roof scoop on the roof, just like we know from the Zonda R. The front of the car is still a bit to high but this will probably be just a setting in the suspension.

This is the new Pagani Zonda PS

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    guys, the front suspension is high because the lifting system is activated (just like you´ll find on 458s and Lambos)

    2013-01-09 at 13:17
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    jason cornish
    i have the first pictures of its public debut at goodwood..

    2013-02-15 at 17:55