Two iconic spoilers meet each other in London

  Two iconic spoilers meet each other in London

The Porsche Carrera GT continues to amaze us. It is the first time that this car from Austria has been spotted and it truly looks amazing. And parked next to the Bugatti Veyron, the other car with an iconic and very recognizable spoiler. Both cars were spotted on the streets of London.

The sound of the V10 and the design of the car make the the Carrera GT so unique. On the other hand we have the Veyron, that was unique in many ways but mainly known for the first production car producing more than 1,000 horses. Picture #5 in this spot is the one that shows us both hydraulic spoilers in the raised position. Not that you need extra downforce in the streets of London, but it sure looks amazing.

Twee iconische spoilers ontmoeten elkaar in Londen

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