The Most Popular Saloon Cars in the UK

 The Most Popular Saloon Cars in the UK

While saloons have become less popular than they used to be, they are still the go-to for businesspeople and other wealthy car enthusiasts. Performance and interior are a huge part of saloons, and these sedans are waves with specific models. Saloons are actually a massive proportion of the new car market. Seen as business cars, a lot of saloons are being made with the latest technologies such as autonomous features like speed limiting technology. Here are the most popular saloon cars in the United Kingdom.

Jaguar XE
The Jaguar XE is a saloon that is not as big as some of the other popular saloon models but this car has some of the most sophisticated and luxurious interior of any saloon. This Jaguar is well-designed, coming in 12 colors. In addition to the array of color options, the XE model can be customized to your preferences. One of the most enticing parts of this saloon is that you can make it the car that you want. It has a dynamic body, with a sporty bumper and a rear valance that is the same color as its body. The side skirts are protective and elegant, expressing the personality of the car. This is a functional car and it has a variety of seven different wheels to choose from, ranging between 18” to 20”.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo is a desired brand in the UK and their Giulia is one of the most sought after saloons. This Italian model has loyal followers with a sleek look and fast performance. Not only has this model been redesigned for 2020, with a new interior and new tech. It takes the convenience to the next level. Not only there is an 8.8 inch touchscreen that includes 3-D navigation with a customizable layout. According to the site MoneyPug, which is used to compare car insurance, the Giulia comes equipped with the speed limiting technology that is being mandated by the EU. These autonomous features help the driver feel secure and confident while providing the convenience of technology.

One of the most popular saloons is the BMW M5. This is the second most popular of the saloon cars in the UK. Many people love the M5 for its performance, a roomy interior, and a great body design. It comes with track-tuned character. The innovative performance was inspired by racing, it comes with TwinPower, a turbo engine that has 600 horsepower. The M5 has a V-8 engine. It has output and intensity that makes it incredibly fun to drive. With quick shifting, the car converts power to speed with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This model also has Drivelogic, complete with paddle shifters.

BMW 3 Series

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