5 Car Wrap Ideas that Will Turn Heads on the Road

5 Car Wrap Ideas that Will Turn Heads on the Road

Are you getting bored with the color of your car? Or perhaps your vehicle's finish is scratched and tarnished. Repainting your entire car can cost a lot of money so you need a cheaper way of changing the look of your vehicle. Vinyl wrap will do the trick. Take a look at the following five ideas that are guaranteed to make you want to vinyl wrap your car.

1. Metallic Wraps
Depending on the color you pick, it can either give your car a modern or vintage aesthetic. A bronze metallic wrap is perfect for creating a Steampunk car. Patch wrapping (when you only wrap sections of the exterior) is ideal if you’re going for a rustic effect.
For those of you who want a modern-looking vehicle that’s unique, perhaps a shiny chrome wrap will appeal to you.
Here are other metallic colors to pick from
- Yellow or white gold
- Iridescent
- Copper
An advantage of vinyl wraps that cover the entire vehicle is that you can fix the color of your car after an accident at a cheaper cost. Visit car accident experts like Tario & Associates to learn about your legal rights after an accident. But how do you get your car back to the way it was? As long as you can find the vinyl wrap in the color you want, it can be done quickly and easily.

2. Tribal Patterns in Various Designs
Tribal patterns are popular designs for sports cars. Typically people put tribal patterns on the sides of their vehicles. For tribal animal faces to present well, place them on top of your bonnet.
These tribal patterns come in various designs. Research the following tribal patterns for inspiration:
- Polynesian tribal patterns
- Viking tribal designs
- Native American patterns
- Traditional Celtic designs

3. Matte Finishes in Any Color
Matte vinyl wraps come in all colors but the most popular is black. The black matte finish is common because you can see it more clearly. Use dark colors such as purple, navy blue and emerald green if you want a brighter shade than black. They all still look impressive and they add some additional style.

4. 3D Prints that Pop
3D prints are fun and they really get heads turning on the road. Some people use quirky 3D wraps for the sides of their cars such as claw scratches or to reveal printed car parts.
These prints are designed for the sides of your car so there won’t be any need to wrap your entire vehicle with vinyl. That means it will cost less.

5. Funky Color Blocking
Color blocking is popular in fashion but the concept can be used to create a unique looking car. Wrap each part of the vehicle in a different color to create this effect.

Final Thoughts
It’s easy to wrap your car in vinyl and it’s removable too so you can change the look of your vehicle often. The wrap won’t damage the original paint on your car and it may even protect your vehicle's coat from damage.
So will you be trying these amazing car wrap ideas on your vehicle? We hope you found a design you love

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