5 Things to Know About Working in the Car Industry

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5 Things to Know About Working in the Car Industry

If you’re passionate about all things automotive, you might assume that working in the car industry is undoubtedly the right move for you. More than simply getting to drive the latest and greatest on four wheels, the industry has a lot to offer in various different sectors, but as with all career paths – it comes with its cons too. We’ve rounded up a few key things to know about the industry before you decide to commit yourself to get involved.

There Are Loads of Options

When you’re in the car industry, the job market looks pretty good, and there are loads of different options for you, depending on where your skills and interests lie. You could work in sales and marketing, on the mechanic and technician side of things, or even in the business and management area of a car dealership.

No matter which way you go, you’ll be able to work with the object of your interests: cars. More than this, there are options for career advancement and skill development that can help you in the future.

It’s Not Always Easy

Regardless of how passionate you might be, a job in the automotive industry can be stressful and challenging for various reasons. You might struggle with high-maintenance clients, hard physical labour or the management of various areas of your business, depending on what area you’re working in.

However, this shouldn’t deter you. Every job has its challenges and setbacks, and these can always be managed and overcome in various ways. For example, if you’re struggling with sales, you could try out a company like Cyberleadinc.com to assist you with lead generation. Taking skills courses in business management can also help you to be a better manager and extract better results from your team.

It’s Going to Keep Growing

This industry is an industry of the future and its constantly being influenced by technological developments. The driving experience is constantly evolving and adapting to our needs and the needs that are arising in response to environmental protection.

Electric vehicles are a growing aspect of the industry, and the market is adapting rapidly to their emergence. For those working in the industry, this simply means that following the trends and growing alongside the industry is important in order to not be left behind.

A positive aspect of this is, of course, the growth and development of newer job titles, such as autonomous driving engineers, sustainability integration experts and software developers in the automotive space.

Health and Safety is a Concern

Depending on which area of the industry you’re working in, but keep in mind that health and safety are a factor to consider, particularly as a mechanic or technician. Aside from the typical dangers one might associate with physical labour, mechanics are often exposed to dangerous machinery and even chemicals which can increase the risk of injury, particularly in the form of burns. Working carefully, being aware and ensuring that you have good medical cover is an essential consideration when you work in this field.

The Salary is Relative

There is no set idea of what your income might look like when you work in the automotive industry. Since the career opportunities are so vast and varied, your salary will depend entirely on where in the industry you are working. Technicians and mechanics will earn a very different income from someone working in sales, whose income will most likely rely on the commission on the cars they have sold each month. This highlights how a salesperson’s income might even change quite vastly from month to month.

If you’re concerned about income, it would be a good idea to chat to a few people who work in the specific job that you’re thinking about applying for. This will help you to gain a better understanding of what you might be earning in the position.

Final Thoughts

If you think that leaping into the automotive industry is following your passion, follow your gut instinct and make the change. Working with cars, either from a mechanic point of view or from a business perspective, can be fulfilling, offer great career growth and job satisfaction.

However, before deciding on any career (in this industry or any other), take into consideration the safety risks, the income, and other factors which might influence your decision. The automotive industry is a relatively easy one to join, requiring minimal certification for most positions, so do some research and see if this is the right move for you.

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