5 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

5 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

Car accidents are also known as auto accidents, car crash, car wrecks or road accidents is a condition whereby one vehicle crashes with another or another object on the road, thereby causing either damage of property or injury of a person. In some cases, bad weather, the poor state of roads or even poor environmental conditions lead to car crashes. According to statistics, it is estimated that more than two million people in the whole world succumb to car accidents every year.

Having discussed possible causes of car accidents, it is essential as individuals to understand possible ways of avoiding them. In this article we will discuss the top five ways to avoid car accidents effectively.

Always Remember To Put On a Seatbelt While Driving
To many people, wearing a seatbelt is such an annoying thing to do. What they usually forget though is that this is essential because wearing a belt has high chances of reducing road accidents. This is not limited to drivers only; passengers too should wear their belts correctly, including kids and adults. In some nations, there are no exceptions; it is a rule.

Be Vigilant When At Intersections
George Sink says that Intersections are a blind spot for most drivers. Make sure you are careful when at intersections by looking on your left, right and your left again to ensure that the road is clear. Knowing your road conditions is also very important. This will help you drive through without any hitches especially during winter or rainy seasons.

Do Not Drink and Drive
The record has it that one of the leading causes of car crashes is drunk driving. This is a state where a driver gets behind the wheels under the influence of drugs or alcohol which in most cases leads to accidents. Drunk driving is preventable, by all means, do yourself a favor, do not drive a car if you are not in your right state of mind. Get an Uber, hire a taxi or better still get someone to drive you but whatever the case, do not drink and drive.

Too much speed has also been recorded as one of the causes of car accidents. Most roads have clear speed limits, but people tend to overlook them hence causing accidents. As a good driver, ensure you maintain good speed on the road. Always remember to leave enough space between your car and the next one, adjust mirrors and make sure to always check your rear mirrors at least every 15 seconds just in case another vehicle might be over speeding from behind.

Defensive Driving
Being a defensive driver is one of the sure ways to avoid road carnages. Being defensive allows you to oversee possible road crashes and also makes you more courteous so that you do not get to race with other cars on the road.

Other Useful Tips
Other useful tips to avoid car accidents include; avoid using your cell phones when you are driving. Phones can easily distract you hence causing accidents. Make sure your headlights are switched on when you are driving at dusk or dawn or during rainy seasons. Make sure your car is in excellent mechanical condition, check your tires, mirrors, lights, and brakes to make sure they are functioning very well. Also as much as possible, avoid driving at night.

Much as in the recent past, several campaigns have come up to advocate against road accidents; still up to now, car accidents are still rampant. They are mostly caused by careless driving, driving during bad weather and lack of patience from drivers. Whatever the case, your life is precious, drive safely and carefully.

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