A First Look at the Brabus 700 Ghost

A First Look at the Brabus 700 Ghost

For the first time, we introduce the Brabus 700 Ghost, an exciting novelty from the refiner and tuner. Anyone who thought that Brabus exclusively had its hands on Mercedes is mistaken. For several years now, Brabus has been tuning other car brands, including Rolls-Royce. The Brabus 700 Ghost, a specially tuned Rolls-Royce, is now presented for the very first time.

The already impressive V12 of this luxurious British car has been further boosted to deliver a whopping 750 PS. This is an impressive performance for a sedan of this class. In just 4.6 seconds, the 12 cylinders accelerate the vehicle to 100 km/h. Considering the weight of 2.5 tons, this is a remarkable achievement. Its top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

As always with Brabus, there are also visual changes. From the outside, the vehicle appears much sportier than a conventional Rolls-Royce. Taking a look inside reveals beautiful changes as well. Carbon elements dominate not only the exterior but also the interior. Where normally there is burl wood, it has been replaced with carbon. The seats have been reupholstered with the typical leather used by Brabus. All in all, the Brabus 700 Ghost presents itself as a very appealing way to tune a Rolls-Royce. Certainly less conspicuous than a Mansory...

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