A G-Wagon without tinted windows

A G-Wagon without tinted windows

When someone buys a G-Wagon, they usually order it with tinted windows. This is true in almost 99% of cases. When you see G-Wagons on the street, they almost always have tinted windows. Guess why this G-Wagon doesn't have tinted windows.

In Dubai, it's actually legal to tint the front windshield, which most people there do. Especially for the G-Wagon, which has many large windows, it looks pretty cool. However, in the past, there were no tinted windows. When the first cars with tinted windows appeared, they stood out quite a bit, much to the delight of the Arabs, who like to stand out. Eventually, everyone had tinted windows, and the simplest way to stand out from the crowd again is to not have tinted windows. As a bonus, you can choose a turquoise interior, and then the look is complete. This particular model even has a specially designed exterior, featuring a beautiful gradient of two colors. Of course, such a striking car is not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally find it very cool.

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