A garage in Tokyo filled with automotive treasures

A garage in Tokyo filled with automotive treasures

We don't see too many spots from Asia, and it is usually our European and American spotters that travel there, that give us a sneak peek what that continent has to offer. But what we get to see is amazing and we can't wait to get to see more spots from China, Malaysia and in this case Japan.

Tokyo is a heaven for exotic cars, but most or safely hidden in the garages, just like in this spot. We've all seen the YouTube movies with garages full of the most exotic cars. There are no hypercars in this spot, but we see some really nice exotic cars like the yellow 458 Speciale. This yellow Speciale, this is the color Giallo Modena, looks amazing. Yet the gigantic front license plate doesn't do any good when it comes to the looks of it.

Goedgevulde garage laat schatten van Tokyo zien

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