A Koenigsegg test-Jesko has been discovered.

A Koenigsegg test-Jesko has been discovered.

If you come across a Jesko taped with adhesive tape in Sweden, it is likely to be on one of the final test drives before delivery. Perhaps this very Jesko will soon appear in your city!

Especially with hypercars, it is a common sight to see completely taped-up specimens around the factories. This is not because the glue holding the car together has not dried yet, but because the most delicate areas of the vehicle that can be easily damaged are taped up. The car is of course not glued together. - Hopefully.
Such specimens have also been seen with Bugatti or Pagani on several occasions. If there is ever a larger test drive that extends quite a few kilometers, it can of course also happen that the vehicles are no longer near the factory.
This specimen seems to be a rather plain one. It appears to be simply black painted with some red details. There are probably nicer specimens, yet it is a very impressive hypercar that should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

A Koenigsegg test-Jesko has been discovered.Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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