A little bit more striking: Vörsteiners 458-V program

A little bit more striking: Vörsteiners 458-V program

The tuner Vörsteiner from the USA never stops producing new models. No matter if it is a BMW, Bentley, Porsche or even a Ferrari, like this particular model, the tuner won’t stop designing new carbon fiber body’s for exotics. The 458-V Program is, as the name says, made for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

This, the 458-V kit, is the latest product by the Americans. The objective when designing this body was to make it look stylish but also very aerodynamic. Also the bumpers should be completely in the style of the design of the 458. With the new parts the lines of the car still look good according to Vörsteiner, something they think is very important. The model does look more sporty with the kit, and thanks to the extra carbon fiber parts the car has more downforce and more stability at the back.
Included in the 458-V kit, there are alloy forged wheels. These are available in the sizes 20 and 21 inch. As a customer, you can have the wheels any colour you want.

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