A wolf in sheep's clothing: AMG E 63S by G-Power

A wolf in sheep's clothing: AMG E 63S by G-Power

If 612 HP and 850 Nm is not enough power in your AMG E 63 S W213, you can always contact G-POWER. They are able to top this by extensively modifying the hardware and software, pushing the engine and road performance into realms otherwise reserved exclusively for super sports cars. The result: 800 HP of power and a maximum torque of a whopping 1,000 Nm, which takes the sedan to from 0-60 mph in only 3.1 seconds.

Responsible for this increase of 188 HP / 138 kW and 150 Nm on the electronic part of the G-POWER performance upgrade is the Performance Software V3 which – just like the additional top speed cancellation – can still be obtained at a reduced price in the “35th Anniversary EDITION” until December 31, 2018. Retaining the longevity of the engine, the G-POWER V3 performance software leaves the engine protection functions and diagnostic capabilities of the ECU unaffected.

The key change as regards hardware is the turbocharger modification, which includes using CNC-machined cases, among other things, as well as turbine wheels that are aerodynamically optimized. Hence the two chargers deliver incomparably better performance compared to the series components. As an addition, the G-POWER E 63 S also boasts stainless steel downpipes, including a catalytic converter, connected to an exhaust system also made of stainless steel.

A perfect complement to the decidedly beefy look the AMG E 63 S already boasts when it comes off the line are the new G-POWER wheels: the extremely lightweight HURRICANE RR rims are 21 inches in size and have a jet black diamond cut finish.

Maak de ultieme wolf in schaapskleren van je AMG met G-PowerMaak de ultieme wolf in schaapskleren van je AMG met G-PowerMaak de ultieme wolf in schaapskleren van je AMG met G-Power

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