Abarth 207 Boano SX - Ever heard of it?

Abarth 207 Boano SX - Ever heard of it?

If you're browsing Autogespot and come across the Abarth 207 Boano SX, consider yourself lucky. This vehicle is as unknown as they come, being only the second of its kind to be spotted on Autogespot. That's what makes it a true top spot.

A car that most people have never heard of, and one of which very few exist. These vehicles are in the right place here. While most rare vehicles come from Central Europe or the USA, this car is not only an exotic itself but also comes from an exotic area. The Italian was spotted in Tel Aviv, Israel. Not exactly the country where you would expect to find such a rare Abarth. According to the photographer, this is apparently the same car that was spotted in the USA just a few months ago. It seems to have been restored recently and then imported to Israel.
The Abarth 207 Boano SX, a masterpiece from the 1950s, is a legend on wheels, known for its unique combination of style, performance, and racing heritage. This iconic automobile arose from the collaboration between Carlo Abarth and the renowned Italian coachbuilder Boano.
Its timeless design, characterized by aerodynamic lines and an elegant silhouette, captures the essence of that era. But the true heartbeat of the Abarth 207 Boano SX lies under the hood, where a powerful engine is the source of its impressive performance. This engine gave the vehicle the ability to dominate on the racetrack while providing compelling performance on the road. Under the hood is a 4-cylinder inline engine, which boasts just over 80 horsepower. Its top speed is 180 km/h.
The Abarth 207 Boano SX achieved numerous victories and championships in motorsport, solidifying its reputation as a vehicle of exceptional class. Despite its remarkable successes, the 207 Boano SX was produced only in limited numbers, making it a sought-after collector's item. Its rarity and historical value have made it a symbol of Abarth's glorious past in motorsport. According to some reports, all the vehicles ever built can be counted on one hand. It's even more special to see such an example in Tel Aviv.

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