Acura NSX on a set of red HRE's

Acura NSX on a set of red HRE's

The Acura NSX is off to a slow start, especially in Europe where the car is being sold under the Honda brand. The NSX, that is build in United States, is leading Honda's/Acura's effort to revitalize the brand. There was a gap of 10 years between the first and second generation of the NSX, and in that period Honda/Acura lost its focus on performance and luxury. But with the new NSX the brands are making a comeback. This copy was spotted in Kansas and it has a set of brushed red HRE Performance Wheels, and we like the look of it.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's Honda was knocking on the door of Mercedes and BMW, by offering high quality and very reliable cars. Combined with success in the Formula 1 as an engine supplier for McLaren, and the launch of the first generation of the NSX, it looked like nothing was stopping Honda/Acura. But that all changed in the 2000's, when Honda/Acura was gradually losing focus on performance and quality. A slowing economy and a change in management took Honda/Acura in a different direction. But that is now history, and the new NSX and other cars like the Honda Civic Type R and the TLX A-Spec are getting the brands back on track. We hope to see more spectacular cars from Honda/Acura in the near future.

Acura NSX rolt lekker op HRE's

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