Spotter mtgt
Spotted in Biarritz, France
Date 2023-10-01 23:36

Finally! Without doubt the car I most wanted to see and photograph! I first saw it following us in the centre of Biarritz, then I saw it again in front of a hotel near Chiberta, which is the most expensive part of Biarritz! And I have to say, she's a marvel. At last, an incredible French sports car other than a Bugatti. I was already a fan of the new A110R, but seeing it for real made me even more convinced! Everything is perfect, from the aggressive and well-balanced look, to the carbon that's absolutely everywhere, to the crazy wheels. A pure marvel!


Camera model Canon EOS R6
Aperture f/1.4
Shutterspeed 1/800 sec.
Focal length 35.0 mm

Auto details

Topspeed 285 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 3.90 s
Power 300 hp
Torque 340 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Weight 1082 kg

Comments on this spot

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    UNITED KINGDOM ST22HTV  - 2023-10-02 at 00:08

    Amazing! Looks lovely

  2. Profile pic
    FRANCE mtgt  - 2023-10-02 at 00:20

    @ST22HTV thanks mate ?

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    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2023-10-02 at 03:30

    Beautiful! Congratulations on finally spotting it, looks so cool!

  4. Profile pic
    FRANCE mtgt  - 2023-10-02 at 23:53

    @@Dalzzz Thank you so much mate for your comment ?

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    NETHERLANDS ww_carphotography_  - 2023-10-04 at 20:41

    What a great car! I really love it! Amazing photos as always mate! A month ago I saw one, I hope I'll get also one on the page soon!

  6. Profile pic
    FRANCE mtgt  - 2023-10-05 at 10:06

    @ww_carphotography_ Thank you so much mate ! I hope you will catch one ?

  7. This is not ok

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