Already on the streets: Audi RS6 Avant C8

Already on the streets: Audi RS6 Avant C8

We have got to give Audi credit where credit is due, they are putting work into delivering the first batch of RS6 models. The IAA in Frankfurt gave us the first appearance of the new Audi family estate and already we are seeing the car being uploaded on the site regularly.

The RS6 avant was introduced alongside the RS6 sedan in 2002 sporting a 4,2L V8 , the next model sported the legendary V10, after that audi returned to a 4L V8 but added twin turbos. The newest C8 model has the 4L V8 twin turbo engine producing an astounding 591BHP which is 39 BHP more than the standard model C7, however the 2016 Performance model trumps the C8 by just 5bhp. But there is no doubt in my mind The C8 will also get a performance model. If only they would make another RS6 sedan, but that might just hurt the RS7 numbers.

Even though the price of all this goodness called the Audi RS6 is high, demand is equally high. Although the Mercedes E63S Estate is a worthy competitor the demand is not even close, apparently the Audi has a touch of magic about it.

As an added bonus the new C8 model will also be available in the USA for the first time!

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