An extraordinary discovery in Milan

An extraordinary discovery in Milan

Seeing this car on the street is quite extraordinary; on one hand, it is a concept vehicle, and on the other, there are only five of them. But if it appears anywhere in the world, it would be in the city of art and design, Milan, Italy.

In recent years, we have already been able to spot one or another concept vehicle in Milan, much more than in other cities. Milan is almost known for being a place where even the rarest concept vehicles can be found. Usually, these are newer concept vehicles, but here we see an old one. If you take a look at the Benz, you will come to the conclusion that it is indeed older. However, you wouldn't guess that it comes from the early 70s. For that era, it looks far too modern.

What's special about this car is that sports cars of that time had absolutely no chance of getting by without a spoiler. However, the C111 had such an intelligent design that it managed very well without a spoiler. That wasn't all, as every part was replaced with an advanced and modern component, resulting in this high-tech car of that time.

Unfortunately, the C111 had another big problem. Because of all the new and unrefined parts, it severely lacked quality. Instead of bringing the car to market over time, the C111 became the ultimate test vehicle. Many diesel engines were tested with this vehicle, as the oil crisis was happening at that time. The most famous engine was the five-cylinder turbo diesel engine, with which the car broke all records in the diesel segment. In terms of design, this Mercedes was also a masterpiece. Despite its extremely compact chassis, the vehicle had a lot to offer. It even had gull-wing doors, like a true supercar.

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