An extremely beautiful Bentayga Azure

An extremely beautiful Bentayga Azure

That most car brands nowadays have good configuration programs is now clear. However, there are better and worse ones. Bentley definitely belongs to the better ones. Here is a pretty well-configured example.

If you sit in the configuration corner at your trusted Bentley center, it can take not just hours but almost days until it is meticulously configured. This is because, at Bentley, you can really design every single detail according to your wishes. This one here is an already somewhat better variant called Azure. It is supposed to be even more exclusive and luxurious than a regular Bentayga. Naturally, there are also many more variants to configure the car. For example, you can order it in two colors, which has been done here. And in a somewhat unusual but extremely beautiful color combination: dark green and white. The interior was chosen in a light leather, and additionally, the vertical grille was selected, which is often chosen for the Azure. All in all, it is really a very beautiful example.

An extremely beautiful Bentayga AzureClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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