Another hypercar in Brussels

Another hypercar in Brussels

Another hypercar has made its appearance in Brussels. It's a Chiron that we've seen five times before, but never in Brussels. It was there to celebrate the opening of the new Rolex boutique by Hall of Time.

This Chiron isn't painted in the typical Bugatti blue or a flashy red or yellow. And that's precisely what sets it apart; this Bugatti is exceptionally clean. Sometimes, less is indeed more. When you have such a conspicuous car as the Chiron, making it even more eye-catching would be impossible. Not that blending in is easy with a Chiron in any case. Silver Chirons are exceedingly rare, but they look absolutely stunning. Back in 2016, if you wanted to buy a Chiron, you only had to shell out 'just' 2.6 million dollars. However, with all the innovations and changes introduced, like the Supersport or the Pur Sport, Chirons automatically became more expensive. For instance, the Super Sport now costs 3,800,000 dollars. The limited-edition Pur Sport, restricted to 60 units, is slightly cheaper than the Super Sport but still pricier than the standard Chiron. If you're aiming to get your hands on a Pur Sport, be prepared to lay down a cool 3,750,000 dollars. They certainly won't get any cheaper.

Another hypercar in BrusselsClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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