Aston Martin DBX 707 makes us smile

  • Ruud
  • 2022-03-17 10:44
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Aston Martin DBX 707 makes us smile

Aston Martin has recently squeezed out two beautiful new cars. Yesterday we saw the V12 Vantage and earlier the DBX 707. The most powerful SUV in the segment.

Aston Martin apparently did not find the 550 hp enough in the SUV and decided to give the V8 some more pep. No less than 157 hp extra was realized, bringing the total power to 707 hp! This beats all other SUVs because the most powerful was the Urus with 650 hp. The DBX 707 is not a limited model by the way. This will simply be added to the model list and can be ordered as long as the DBX exists! Once you have this gun in your hands, you can reach 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. The DBX 707 can be recognized by the larger grille, air intakes and brake cooling slots. On the side we find satin chrome window frames and tougher side skirts.

Aston Martin DBX 707 makes us smileClick on the photo to see more from this spot!

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