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Spotted in Düsseldorf, Germany
Date 2014-01-24 03:44

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    GERMANY wavecars  -  2014-01-24 at 12:25

    Really nice tuning! Hope I will see one too!

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    CZECH REPUBLIC daweRS  -  2014-01-24 at 16:35

    Insane tuning!

  3. Profile pic
    GERMANY V12Lambo  -  2014-01-24 at 19:03

    wann war das??? Mittwoch? Schöner spot!

  4. Profile pic
    GERMANY NiklasD  -  2014-01-24 at 19:08

    Wow!!! It looks so good! You have my vote for sotd!

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    GERMANY tun  -  2014-01-24 at 19:58

    I really like this tuning kit but damn, thats a dirty ass :P

  6. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS JeffreydeRuiter  -  2014-01-24 at 20:06

    Most fugliest rims ever made.

  7. Profile pic
    CANADA DARKSTAR2654  -  2014-01-24 at 20:31

    This is borderline overkill but still manages to look incredible.

  8. Profile pic
    GERMANY carsofmunichYT  -  2014-02-27 at 16:17

    dayum i love this

  9. This is not ok

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