Spotter thomcarspotter thom1995075
Spotted in Domburg, Netherlands
Date 2021-09-05 13:26

Nice red Audi on the swimming pool parking in Domburg. Funny fact; in the pictures you can see a combo with a blue RSQ3 aswell! That's quite cool; 2 RSQ3's on one parking. The RSQ3 is pretty rare, so finding 2 at the same time is nice!

Auto details

Topspeed 280 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 4.50 s
Power 400 hp
Torque 480 Nm @ 1950 RPM
Weight 1775 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS Carkijker  -  2021-09-05 at 13:46

    Heel dik kleurtje!😍

  2. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS JCS_carphotography  -  2021-09-05 at 13:48

    Dikke platen Thom! Kleurtje staat hem ook vrij goed.

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  2021-09-05 at 13:50

    Super lekker exemplaar in deze kleur! Fijne plaatjes ook Thom!

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  2021-09-05 at 13:50

    Nette platen en spot!

  5. Profile pic
    jeppiecarspotter  -  2021-09-05 at 14:18

    Leuke rode spot!

  6. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Axel  -  2021-09-05 at 17:21

    Top spec!

  7. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  2021-09-06 at 22:32

    Looks neat in red, nice find!

  8. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2021-09-07 at 13:10

    Not often you see so many red cars in your shots, Thom. I also like the far away approach in your shots. Well done like always, brother.

  9. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Michael.  -  2021-10-01 at 22:25

    Zo dan, kneiterdikke spec zeg!! Fijne plaatjes!

  10. This is not ok

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