Autogespot - Site update: introducing the SpotWall

Autogespot - Site update: introducing the SpotWall

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to further improve the site. The servers are always working and throughout the day we have over 100 visitors browsing on our site. Reading our news articles or taking a peak at the latest spots. Besides the necessary bug fixes, we have introduced a new feature, the so called "spotwall".

When you have an AG account, nothing really changed. You have the ability to view spots, do searches in our spot database and create free alerts. But when you don't have an AG account you can only see the first, and one, photo. But don't worry, you can create an account within minutes and be granted full access to all the photos of the spot. That way you can have access to almost one million spot, you can cast your vote for Spot of the Day, and you can upload spot.

We are always interested to learn from you, so please let us know if there are other desired functions or improvements that we can work on. Please comment below and we will take it in consideration.

Autogespot heeft weer een update uitgevoerd

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