Autogespot is cleaning up some models

Autogespot is cleaning up some models

Every website sometimes has to do it. Cleaning up. Like Louis van Gaal would say. Standing still means going backwards. That is why we are deleting a few of accepted models from the site. Please read further to know which cars will not longer be accepted.

We will delete the following models and no longer accept them:

AM General Hamer Memugan M1114 ve Katlanit
AM General HMMWV M1025
AM General HMMWV M1026
AM General HMMWV M1046
AM General HMMWV M1114
AM General HMMWV M998
Audi S5 B8
Audi S5 B8 2012
Audi S5 B8 APR Performance
Audi S5 B8 Senner Tuning
Audi S5 Cabriolet B8
Audi S5 Cabriolet B8 2012
Audi S5 Cabriolet B8 Rieger
Audi S5 S5 Caractère
Audi S5 Sportback B8
Audi S5 Sportback B8 2012
Audi STaSIS Signature Series S5 3.0 Cabriolet
Audi Rieger S5
Audi ABT S5
Audi ABT S5 Sportback
BMW M135i By Versus Performance
BMW M135i F20
BMW M135i F21
BMW M135i F21 AC Schnitzer
BMW M235i F22
BMW M235i F22 AC Schnitzer
BMW M235i F22 by Versus Performance
BMW M235i F22 Dieselspeed P410 Evo
BMW M235i F22 Racing
BMW M235i F22 Track Edition M-Performance
BMW M235i F23 Cabriolet
BMW M550d xDrive
BMW M550d xDrive 2014
BMW M550d xDrive Touring
BMW M550d xDrive Touring 2014
BMW X5 M50d
BMW X5 M50d F15
BMW X5 M50d F15 Hamann
BMW X5 M50d F15 M Performance Edition
BMW X6 M50d
BMW X6 M50d 2014
BMW X6 M50d F16
BMW Z3 M Coupe
BMW Z3 M Roadster
Hummer H1
Hummer H1 Alpha
Hummer H1 Camper
Hummer H1 Hamann
Hummer H1 Limousine
Hummer H1 Slantback
Hummer H1 Slantback Predator Motorsports
Hummer H1 Tenth Anniversary Edition
Hummer H1 Wagon
Hummer H2 10 Wheeler Super Stretched
Hummer H2 8 Wheeler Super Stretched Limousine
Hummer H2 Limousine
Hummer H2 Riaa Limousine
Hummer H6
Hummer H6 Limousine
Hummer H6 Riaa Limousine
Hummer H6 Transformer Limousine
Peraves MonoTracer
Volkswagen Touareg W12 Sport
Westfield 1800
Westfield 1600I
Westfield 2.0 Duratec Sport
Westfield 2.0 S
Westfield 2.0 Zetec Sport
Westfield 2000S
Westfield Cabriolet
Westfield Cabriolet V8
Westfield Cup Racer
Westfield FW 300
Westfield FW 300T
Westfield Megabird
Westfield Megabusa
Westfield SE
Westfield SE-GHT
Westfield SE-I K6
Westfield SE-I Wide
Westfield SE-IW
Westfield SEI
Westfield SEIW
Westfield Sport 1600 Turbo
Westfield Sport 2000
Westfield Sports
Westfield ST3 30th anniversary Special Edition
Westfield Twin Cam

This models will be deleted on Friday at 8.00 pm GMT+1. Do you have photo's that you want to save, that is possible till this time.

And of course, if you spotted one of these cars in a special configuration, a unique color or a unknown country, you always can mail them to and we will look at it to make an article of it.

Autogespot ruimt op: tijd voor de winterschoonmaak!

Comments on this article

  1. Profile pic
    ShaytonSky  -  2014-12-10 at 18:17

    1. FU
    2. Why? Personal dislike, or what?
    3. Nothing to worry about, we got used to it. Like a good dictatorship... I thought AG was a cool website when I first signed up. Now I challenge my idea. Westfields (like Caterhams) are so common, that I have never seen any in my life, but you know guys. I wonder why is it necessary that all good sites are ruined by incompetent admins?

  2. Profile pic
    Ibekov  -  2014-12-10 at 18:33

    Agree with ShaytonSky. The admins make this place shit. I only look at the spots and don't upload at all. I got one of mine deleted because it was only 2 pics of a the car and because of ''Bad quality''. I took it with a 13mp phone... wtf? Half of the photos here aren't even taken by a DSLR camera...

  3. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  2014-12-10 at 18:57

    Why deleting them...can't you just block new uploads? I agree that an Audi S5 is no longer special, but when they first came on the road they were (at least for those that live in places other than LA, Miami, Paris, Dusseldorf, Monaco, etc.). And there are some really nice special/tuned editions that are now being deleted. People "wasted" time to spot and upload these on your site.
    This one for example has over 2,500 views and the pics are amazing:

  4. Profile pic
    Spyros PETS  -  2014-12-10 at 19:17

    Thank God, you deleted S5s, AM Generals and Hummers.

  5. Profile pic
    Stefan Sobot  -  2014-12-10 at 20:32

    Part of this is good,but part is awful,then again this is AG.Why is SQ5 still spot worthy?Also,using this logic,458 and California aren't that special as well,since they are the most spotted ones through year,right?AG is supposed to be place for community from community,but I only see bunch of bad decisions over and over again.Maybe 'admins' should try to actually listen to community in general (not just particular people),instead of making this place worse and worse as the time goes on.

  6. Profile pic
    Tomskii  -  2014-12-10 at 21:25

    "AG is supposed to be place for community from community,but I only see bunch of bad decisions over and over again.Maybe 'admins' should try to actually listen to community in general (not just particular people),instead of making this place worse and worse as the time goes on."


  7. Profile pic
    jansolanellas  -  2014-12-10 at 22:25

    I'm not in favor or against the admins, but the S5 or the M135i is not an exotic car for example. And for me it's quite rare to spot even one of this cars.
    I like OPspotters opinion but I think it would be strange to see spots of this cars but not be able to upload more.
    By the way I think spots like the Hummer H2 10 wheeler (only two different spotted) or special editions of the S5 shouldn't be removed.
    I hope the admins do the best for this website because I'm a huge fan of Autogespot.
    Keep working hard spotters!

  8. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  2014-12-10 at 23:25

    @StevenvD: They already have been banned and deleted.

  9. Profile pic
    AMG63  -  2014-12-10 at 23:30

    I agree with OPspotters, isn't it better to block new uploads? By the way, I don't think it's a good idea, Autogespot has been created to share our pictures, but since some years it's becoming more and more difficult to add a spot... What I found was great here was to see pictures of cars worldwide, and that everybody could share something! If admins continues this way, in some years AG will be a website for professional photographers only supercars will be admitted! There must be limits, but not that high... But on another hand, I admit it's annoying to see always the same kinds of spots, like Audi S5 in Düsseldorf or Tesla Model S in the Netherlands... I think that spotters should be more responsible and stop spotting too common cars! When I see some people who spotted more than 30 Audi S5, what's the interest? In my opinion, these "low-cost" spots must remain to give a chance to participate to everybody, but not to count every model you see!

  10. Profile pic
    OPspotters  -  2014-12-10 at 23:59

    Amen @AMG63! AG needs to realize that most spotters start with these type of spots including ourselves. Mustang GT's were among our first spots and if we want to we can spot these in the US and upload a thousand of these within a month...but we don't, so I guess we became more responsible. But go to Europe and this is a special car. I am sure if you live in a small town an S5 is like a Ferrari and if you are 14 years old you don't get to other places and make pics of exotics like you can in LA or Miami. So if AG is not careful they will discourage some of the new spotters. And where does this stop, will the S6 and S7 be deleted now that there are RS6 and RS7 models, and when time goes on will all your spots except some Italian exotics be deleted because they are too "old". That is already happening with the M3 CS and the Z3M models. So if you stop spotting, your work will be deleted overtime and I guess it was just for the other words, over time your time and efforts will become a waste of time.

  11. Profile pic
    Boink  -  2014-12-11 at 09:01

    Hi Guys,

    Just not to worry you all. We have carefully decided to delete these spots. Diesel BMW's aren't exclusive and the BMW M2 will become available soon so the M235i will not be accepted anymore. We appreciate your time in uploading your spots but do you really want to look at the Audi S5 etc when there are dozens uploaded? Sometimes we need to draw a line and this happened just now. We hope you can appreciate our choice and this will be the only models that will be deleted now and in the future. It's not that we have a lack of webspace but we want to raise the exclusivity a little more. As said, i hope your not mad and can understand our choices.

    Blocking uploads isn't an option. Then we need to keep explaining people why they can't upload a spot but it still is on the website, how would you feel?

    @Ibekov, sometimes we need to make a decision if it's a spot good for the site or not. 2 pictures of a Porsche Carrera will not add anything but if it were 2 photo's of a more exclusive car it certainly will be accepted! Hope you start uploading again :)

    And still you are able to spot a lot of other cool cars. Look at the Philippines, they started uploading cars from there yesterday and it's amazing to see whats driving around there. Hope you guys still like us after this decision. One love! :-)

  12. Profile pic
    J&R_131108  -  2014-12-11 at 09:38

    I am not agree, because you must not delete all those uploads. Autogespot is Autogespot because of all us, the spotters, if you delete cars that were uploaded you are killing our work, the time that we spend uploading the pics and typing all the fields.

    I agree with the idea of not ​​accepting from now these models , it stands there are many new and exotic models but not with the idea of ​​deleting already uploaded


  13. Profile pic
    Tomskii  -  2014-12-11 at 14:03

    You can simply just add it to the rules and keep current spots online whilst autoblocking S5 and other not spotworthy spots. (But that's a flaw in your website to be perfectly honest).

    User gets an email automatically telling him the car is not accepted anymore, but spots before the new rule remain on the website. Oh well, who am I?

  14. Profile pic
    ShaytonSky  -  2014-12-11 at 14:13

    Also, was there any survey or something on this? No. This is another dictatorial decision. The most of the community disagrees with it. Why delete eg. a Hummer H2 limousine? I have only seen one in my whole life. I admit that an M135i or an S5 are quite common, but people put effort in chasing down and photgraphing these cars. I also can't understand why Caterhams are not allowed. They are very rare, exotic, fast and expensive. Maybe you should offer the chance to spotters to decide which models can be removed, and which to keep. Maybe the community should decide about it. Or if you can't co-operate with the community, at least give us a week more to save all the spots, it will take like 10 hours to save all photos, I don't have that much time today to do. Thanks if you listen and reconsider. I think what I said here would be fair, and thats the least, if you respect the spotters.

  15. Profile pic
    Enzo1912  -  2014-12-11 at 15:47

    SQ5 TDI also should be on this list

  16. Profile pic
    Ride  -  2014-12-11 at 18:22

    I quite understand the idea of deleting the S5 or the X5/X6 diesels, because they seem to be very common in bigger and/or richer countries. But what I have always thought about these cars, is that it gives opportunities for us, who live in smaller countries or cities to be part of the spotting activity. Yes, there have been couple of lamborghinis or ferraris etc in my small town, but I dont see a point for coming back to this website for 1 spot in a year. And yes, sometimes I travel to other cities as well, where more exlusive cars can be found but that doesnt happen that often. Surely I look others spots as well but the activity of sharing the cars that in my country can be seen, that has been the main idea. Also if I look at my spots, then I havnt spotted that many cars on this list, so I personally wont be too sad about it, but at least I got to say my opinon. And last but not least, I quite agree with ShaytonSky that maby a poll or something should be made first ;).

  17. Profile pic
    jastrzab  -  2014-12-11 at 19:05

    Please, spare the lives of Westfields and Teslas :) I am ok with cleaning the rest. Also all Mitsubishis, 997 Carreras, Audi SQ5, Panamera GTS & Turbo, 958 Cayenne GTS and others from this level of "exotics" should be deleted as well in my opinion.

  18. Profile pic
    Rivitography  -  2014-12-25 at 15:23

    This is absurd. Z3 Ms and H1s are incredibly rare cars, there's no reason to delete them.

  19. This is not ok

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