Beautiful in green: McLaren MP4-12C

Beautiful in green: McLaren MP4-12C

Not every car can have many different colours. As everyone knows, you can order the McLaren MP4-12C in standard black, but also in bright orange. Both colours fit the car perfectly, but we had not expected that this dark green would look so beautiful on the MP4-12C. You can compose your own MP4-12C on the internet but you have to see the colours in real life to see how they really look. Thanks to this spot, potential buyers can now see how dark green looks on this car.

The British car carries the image of an athlete who never got out of the sport school and only thinks about working out. The car looks much too clinical and made too many concessions to the laws of aerodynamics. This has its advantages, because this car should be able to beat the Ferrari 458 Italia. With 600 bhp and the same amount of torque, these two cars will stay close to each other during the acceleration. How they act in corners depends mostly on their drivers. The choice of the colour just depends on what the owner likes most; luckily every owner has their own taste so we hope to see some other beautiful colours on this supercar!

Beautiful in green: McLaren MP4-12C

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    I spotted this car 1 month ago...

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