Belgian brings an SRT Viper to Europe

Belgian brings an SRT Viper to Europe

The following owner shows guts. He has a lot of money to spend on an exclusive car and he chooses to buy something which 99% of us wouldn't choose. The sales of the SRT Viper weren't doing that good, but slowly but surely the sales are increasing. This orange copy looks just amazing, we really love to see these cars on the streets!

This colour comes together with the special TA package which stands for Time Attack. Only 93 copies are available in this orange colour which makes it a very rare eyecatcher. Of course you will get more for your money because the Time Attack version weighs less, has a better handling and is powered by the same 8.4 liter V10 from the standard version. The sprint to 100 kph takes about three seconds and that's quite fast for a rear-wheel driven car. The SRT Viper isn't known for their great handling in corners but remarkably the reviews of this model are all very positive!

Belg haalt SRT Viper naar Europa

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