BMW is speeding up with the new M3

  • Ruud
  • 2021-02-07 16:59
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BMW is speeding up with the new M3

BMW itself said it would only deliver the new M4 and M4 from the spring. Nevertheless, we already see a brand new M3 G80 Competition in down under!

Do we see one of the tastiest combinations here? Isle of Man Grün metallic with tan interior. A finger-licking combination if you ask us. Last week we already saw the new M4 Competition on Sunday in Poland. So now the turn of the M3. The snow spots have to wait for this because the M3 G80 is hot! Not only because of the extremely nice power of 510 hp, but also because of the much-discussed nose that we can take a good look at here. And let's face it, this just looks good, doesn't it ?!

BMW is speeding up with the new M3Click on the photo for more photos!

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