Bought A New Ferrari? These Are The Performance Parts To Prioritize

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Bought A New Ferrari? These Are The Performance Parts To Prioritize

Bringing home a new Ferrari is a uniquely joy-inducing experience. Cars are, after all, one of the best representations of our ability to design and construct. It’s only natural that any owner would want to unleash a car’s full potential.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to modify a car so it can perform much better than stock, this is one scenario where the abundance of choices complicates matters more than it should.

The reason for this is that there are many performance mods that aren’t worth the asking price. Some of these performance mods may even be harmful to your Ferrari, or worse—they may even be illegal.

With this in mind, these are some of the most worthwhile performance upgrades you should consider getting for your Ferrari:

Forced Induction

A forced induction system overcomes atmospheric pressure limitations by forcing more air into the cylinders, thus increasing the engine’s power output.

A forced induction system can increase the power output of a stock engine by 150 horsepower. Although it should be noted that you also have to make sure that your engine can handle the extra strain.

Even when you own a supercar, you have to consider the fact that you might be putting too much strain on its engine. After all, a lot of time and money was spent on research and development to create optimal conditions for the car.

Any modification will upset the car's balance. It's up to you to make the necessary adjustments to restore that balance.

Performance Camshaft

Camshafts increase the duration and timing that the valves remain open during an engine stroke. While you may get a slightly rougher idle, the performance gains are well worth this, especially considering that a performance camshaft is also an excellent way to increase your car’s horsepower.

Cold Air Intake Kit

An air filter can only do so much to increase car performance on its own. It’s important to also replace the stock intake plumbing for cold air intake. This helps keep your engine from overheating as you drive, and it also ensures that your engine gets a higher velocity of denser air.

Racing Brakes

If you’re adding horsepower to your car, you need racing brakes in order to support this significant increase in power. Aggressive street pads yield stable performance and reliability, even after repeated stops.

They are as much a performance upgrade as they are a safety upgrade. Don’t skip these.

Racing Suspension Package

Large sway bars help maintain the structural integrity of your car at its corners. Sport springs improve traction while traversing corners, and coil-overs give your car a sleeker aesthetic while still maintaining ride quality.

ECU Upgrade

The ECU can be likened to the sensory system in how it adjusts certain functions according to the information derived from the engine’s sensors. This information is used to compute to generate the most efficient burn.

The reason you have to upgrade your ECU is that the stock ECU most likely won’t be able to detect your new headers or cam, thus, you’re going to need new programming to maximize the power of your engine.

High-Performance Fuel Pump

Finally, it would help if you had a performance fuel pump to supply all of these fuel-hungry components. If you have performance upgrades, your car’s fuel requirements are bound to increase as well. A high-flow fuel pump ensures that you don’t starve your engine of fuel (as this can cause a misfire).

While there are indeed many other upgrades that you can install on your car, these are, by far, the ones that will yield the greatest returns. It’s true that a lot of these parts are difficult to find, which is why online sources like PartsGeek, are a Godsend for car owners.

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