Callaway C7 AeroWagen, the shooting-brake Corvette

Callaway C7 AeroWagen, the shooting-brake Corvette

In Europe the Corvette C7 Stingray is considered an exclusive car, but in North America the car is quite common. In Europe buyers will choose a Porsche over a Corvette, plus the taxes on a Corvette are just outrageous. In 2016 GM produced a total of 40,689 Corvettes and most of them were sold in North America. To make the car more exclusive, Corvette-tuner Callaway has introduced the AeroWagen.

For those that don't know the name Callaway we will give a little history lesson. The company Callaway was founded in 1977 by Reeves Callaway, who built turbo-kits for most mainstream car manufacturers. In 1987 the company received its fame with the introduction of a twin turbo-kit for the Chevrolet Corvette. Ever since the tuner is mainly focused on the product line of General Motors. And Callaway doesn't just modify what is under the hood. This AeroWagen is just the latest example of exterior modifications.

Callaway Cars announced in 2013 that it would begin making shooting-brake conversions of the Chevrolet Corvette C7. We had to wait a few years, but the result is in our view amazing. There is no room, or way, to give the C7 four seats and it is mostly a cosmetic change, not a functional one. Exclusivity will come at a price and this kit is priced around $15,000. Do you want the panels in the color of your car, that will be another three grand. But your C7 Stingray will be a true head-turner.

Callaway Corvette C7 AeroWagen: nèt even anders

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