Car Accident Statistics By Gender

Car Accident Statistics By Gender

According to the figures provided by the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017 there were over 37,000 persons killed in traffic accidents. Out of those, close to 10,700 were men and the rest were women. And if you add to those numbers people who suffered a disability due to an accident people who did not become disabled, and other cases, the total number of killed and injured men rises to 1,338,000, while the total number of women that died or were injured due to car accidents increases to 1,445,000. Those are definitely sobering statistics.

Numbers according to who was driving
The NHTSA has plenty of other interesting figures. When it comes specifically to drivers in fatal crashes, the year 2017 reveals that driver involvement rates per 100,000 licensed drivers are divided this way: 37,654 of them were men while 13,555 were women.

Numbers according to who were the other occupants in the vehicle
Again, according to the NHTSA, vehicle occupants that were killed or injured in 2017, are divided by gender as follows:
There were 21,339 men killed and 1,224,000 men injured
There were 8,786 women killed and 1,389,000 women injured

Who Causes More Car Accidents?
Men are responsible for the majority of accidents, and this is supported by the fact that more men also receive more traffic violations and DUIs.
These numbers may be a reflection of the statistic that, in general, men drive many more miles per year than women. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the average man drives over 16,500 miles annually, while the average woman drives just over 10,100.

Does This Mean That Women Are Safer Drivers Than Men?
Experts agree that men tend to be more aggressive when sitting behind the wheel. They are also much more likely to take risks, which leads to more mistakes. Statistics also seem to reflect that more men drive under the influence than women. Also, men cause more monetary damage when involved in a car accident than women.

Do women get rewarded for their safer driving habits?
According to InsWeb, the answer is yes. Car insurance policies for women tend to be about $100 cheaper per semester than for men. Insurance companies that provide better terms for women are clearly able to offer low auto insurance rates with better coverage options because of the overall superior driving record that women have. The fact is that women pose less of a financial risk to the insurer, and for this reason, they are rewarded.

Have You Been Involved In A Car Accident?
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