Car Camping Tips for Beginners

Car Camping Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking about setting off on your first camping trip with your car? This can be a great way to experience the outdoors and have a fun experience with your family. Of course, car camping is not always straightforward and there are some things that you should know before you go. Here, we are going to give you some of our car camping tips for beginners. Keep reading to find out more.

The Vehicle
If you want to go camping with your car then you are going to need to know what the best vehicle to bring is. There are some great vehicles for camping that are large and can fit everything that you need in there. The Sierra 1500 SLT is a prime example of a car that is perfect for camping. You can put everything in your trunk and rely on the car to get you to the campsite.

Booking A Campsite
If you are planning on going car camping, then it is important that you find a campsite before you go. While many people believe that you can book a campsite once you get there, you might come across some difficulty. If you are car camping, then you’ll want to find one that allows you to bring your car and park it nearby. When choosing the campsite, you should also check out facilities such as showers and bathrooms.

Our next tip for beginners who are setting off on a car camping experience is to pack carefully. There are some essentials that you’ll need for your trip including a tent, a sleeping bag and some mats to lie on. You’ll also need a torch, clothing and a first aid box. Don’t forget a toolbox to make setting up easier. We also advise that you invest in some cooking equipment and food to bring along.

Take Care
Are you planning on staying somewhere that it is a little more remote? As a beginner to car camping, you might not realise just how dangerous the outdoors can be and so you need to be ready to take extra care. Look at the animal safety advisory rules and make sure that everyone in your party is aware of what to do in an emergency. It is really important that you stay safe so don’t ignore this.

Use Your Car
Our final tip for those who are going car camping is to use your car. This is not just here to transport your things; it can also work as storage away from the rain and more. What about turning your trailer into a comfortable space to watch the stars? Or you could turn your trunk into a dining table for when you are enjoying some meals cooked on the campfire. Make the most of your car.
If you are planning on going car camping for the first time soon then you should make sure to follow all of the advice that we have given you here.

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