Clever Ferrari Easter Eggs You Would Have Never Guessed

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Clever Ferrari Easter Eggs You Would Have Never Guessed

There's a big difference between seeing a Ferrari online and actually getting behind the wheel of one – or there was until now. Right now, you might not be able to get anywhere near your dream car and are having to rely on what the internet's got to satisfy your cravings. If this is the case, then know that you can get closer than ever through a car virtual tour.

When you take a car virtual tour online, you’ll be able to see every last detail of the Ferrari – including all of the Easter eggs that the world-renowned company has included for diehard fans. Let's check out all of the fun, exciting features that Ferrari has included in their makes and models to sustain your Ferrari needs until you can get behind the wheel of one in person again.

1. See-Through Engine Window
While the see-through engine window isn't going to give the Ferrari any more speed or agility than it already has, it's certainly going to make for one satisfied car owner. This simple yet effective easter egg makes it all the more enjoyable to check out your car, and for others to check it out too.
The thing about Ferraris is that their engines are just as attractive as what they look like on the outside. This means that you’ll want to show it off, and it’s why Ferrari has included a see-through engine window so that you can see the engine from the exterior. In fact, anyone walking past can peek through and see it.
2. LCD Passenger Screen
Perhaps you've only ever been a passenger in a Ferrari, and know that this is the second-best place to be sitting when you're driving one of them really fast. If you're doomed just to be a passenger forever, just know that you get an easter egg all of your own.
Passengers now get to feel a lot more included when they get into a Ferrari because they get their very own LCD screen. This means that you don’t have to lean over to the driver’s side to see what’s going on with the dash anymore – all you have to do is turn your display on to see what’s happening. This stylish, discreet feature will keep everyone happy.
3. Front Fender Vents
Most of the time, people don't want the front vents on their car to be that visible to the eye. With most makes and models, they're somewhat of an eyesore and are better if you can't see them. Ferrari has taken this on board and kept its front fender vents nice and hidden so that they don't take away from the sleek design of the front.
In fact, they have made them so that they blend nicely in with the headlights, making them really hard to notice. As hidden as they might be, they still serve an important function to the vehicle and aid in cooling the brakes, so that the engine doesn't overheat. They also don't add any drag, making it a design feature that's both practical and easy on the eyes.
4. The Dial on Steering Wheel
This next Easter egg is one that you’ll only find in a classic sports car – a dial on the steering wheel. It’s such a small easter egg, in fact, that if you blink, you might miss it. Interestingly, it's features like this that actually made Ferrari more road legal, as it transitioned slowly off the track. The small dial is mounted to the side of the steering wheel.
It means that drivers can change their driving style quickly based on road and weather conditions. Again, you might not even notice it at first, but it has a very important function.

So, whether you can drive a Ferrari in person right now, or you just have to settle for a car virtual tour online, know that nothing is stopping you seeing it in all its glory right now. When you take the car virtual tour, look out for these easter eggs.

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