Do not eat: chocolate brown Lamborghini Aventador

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  • 2016-08-28 15:31
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Do not eat: chocolate brown Lamborghini Aventador

Yes, we admit it, the Aventador is as desirable as a piece of chocolate. The beautiful yet sharp design is something that amazes every time. Quite frankly, the ‘chocolate’-bit almost becomes reality on this Aventador!

It looks kind of okay, but I’m not fully convinced. An Aventador comes to life at its best in orange or black. What’s cool though is that this Aventador separates itself from the dozens of other Aventadors that drive around in London. Who wants to drive their Aventador into London anyway? That’s something we could never really comprehend. With its width of two meters it’s not exactly the ideal city-car. Why not go for a blast on the Autobahn, in the Ardennen or the Eifel? A lap on the Nurburgring also seems like a good idea. Watch out though, the heat of the V12 melts you chocolate in no-time!

Niet om op te eten: chocolade bruin gekleurde Lamborghini Aventador

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