Do you already know the F40 GT?

Do you already know the F40 GT?

Some may be unfamiliar with this car, the F40 GT. It's a car that was first spotted on the street. Of course, it was seen in Monaco, where else...

In fact, there were several Ferrari F40s that didn't conform to the usual criteria. There were only 20 F40s that were race-ready. Less than 10 of them were then converted into GTs. There were numerous changes from the standard GT, lighter body parts, an enhanced engine, larger brakes and cooling channels, a rose-joint suspension, modified wishbones, and much more.

Between 1992 and 1994, this particular specimen participated in 27 races. It achieved seven podium finishes and two victories. Subsequently, the car was retired from racing and reverted to its original road-legal specification, allowing it, for instance, to cruise through Monaco.

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