Do you want to get the most out of Autogespot? Go premium!

Do you want to get the most out of Autogespot? Go premium!

Next month we’ll celebrate our fifteenth birthday and soon we’ll reach one million spots on the site. A milestone for which we have you to thank! Every day we receive hundreds of spots of the the widest variety of cars and we try hard to give everyone the best experience possible. It can always be better though, which is why we introduce Autogespot Premium!

With Autogespot Premium you don’t only have unlimited access to Autogespot, with all spots and photos, you also get an ad-free website and a special mark next to your name. This doesn’t just show you support Autogespot, but also that you’re serious about carspotting. Existing accounts with more than 25 spots uploaded will receive Autogespot Premium for free, because you guys make it all possible.

If you’re not at 25 spots yet, or you prefer to just look at the spots then there’s an Autogespot Premium subscription tailored to your needs. You can have a 1 month plan for €10, a 6 month plan for €20 or 12 months for €25. The latter does not only give you a year of unlimited access, it gives it for only €2 a month!

Do you want the best user experience and unlimited access to Autogespot? Get Autogespot Premium!!

Wil je alles uit Autogespot halen? Ga voor Premium!

For questions or support in activating Autogespot Premium, please contact

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  1. Profile pic
    FRANCE ig8590151585  -  2019-11-09 at 09:27

    What a shame

  2. Profile pic
    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ibrahim.arshad12  -  2019-11-09 at 12:23

    Favorite website for car photos since ever. Now have to pay?

  3. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hill Country Automotive  -  2019-11-09 at 14:15

    This is a great way to ruin the site. I've been a member since 2014... visitor since 2012... I really can't believe this. And I just got above 25 spots (at 26) and I'm still locked to seeing only one picture. I can't even see the spots I've posted. I think I'm just gonna have to let this site go.

  4. Profile pic
    ROMANIA bnj2  -  2019-11-09 at 14:31

    I've been visiting AG almost for 6 years now, I would have gladly donated €25 if you would have opened a Patreon or Paypal account, and asked for support, but paywalling it, is a bad move. Especially when the spots aren't curated and quite a few of them are mislabeled. I understand there is a need for money and adblockers ruined it, but look ho all the sites that paywalled their content failed (except the ones that are backed up by some other media like WSG or MT).
    What a shame :(

  5. Profile pic
    POLAND damian103  -  2019-11-09 at 15:04

    Anyone know any good Autogespot alternatives? I’m probably gonna switch sites...

  6. Profile pic
    SPAIN JmSitges  -  2019-11-09 at 16:16

    A lot of advertising and the users must pay? How much does AG won for my 1M spot views? Hobby or business?

  7. Profile pic
    ROMANIA Dudica_04  -  2019-11-09 at 18:56

    Thank you, Autogespot! You were a great car spotting site...

  8. Profile pic
    SYRIA Omarcarman  -  2019-11-10 at 07:16

    Shame on you!!!☹️

  9. Profile pic
    POLAND HAWK  -  2019-11-10 at 20:34

    I don't complain. Ads are gone and I have 140 times the required amount of spots. Please just make one more thing for premium - make it visible for the spot's author which account reported his spot and what other accounts use the same IP as the reporter ;) This is the change AG is in a dizzying need of and has always been...

  10. Profile pic
    FINLAND ILM0  -  2019-11-10 at 20:34

    What a shame. Ive been active user in AG for many years, more as a viewer tho. Now I need to go back to because I only got few spots (which I cannot even see anymore :D ) and Im not going to pay to see more photos cuz I can see them for free in IG. RIP Autogespot, you were a good friend for many years. Thank you and goodbye.

  11. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hill Country Automotive  -  2019-11-11 at 04:40

    Very true @HAWK

  12. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Boink  -  2019-11-11 at 09:18

    @HAWK never gonna happen.

  13. Profile pic
    AUSTRIA wlpk1  -  2019-11-11 at 14:48

    Some people's greed for money is insatiable

  14. Profile pic
    AUSTRIA wlpk1  -  2019-11-11 at 14:51

    Funny thing is the work (photos) is done by the spotters but Autogespot is asking for money.. very sad,,

  15. Profile pic
    GREECE Mandale  -  2019-11-11 at 16:11

    If you provide a value added service and you wish to charge for it, your decision is quite understandable. However, I dont see a difference between the premium version currently advertised and the basic version we enjoyed all these past years. The only difference I see is the basic version being restricted in functionalities to a teaser version, promoting the subscription based premium service. I am not sure if you realise that by converting to a profit making enterprise, the spots that are the entire subject matter of the content service you provide, suddenly become valuable commodities subject to a financial compensation scheme for the transfer of copyright. I suppose you consider that granting free premium access to major content contributors to the value of 25 euros per annum, will extinguish any further financial claims. I hope this is the case. It was a real pleasure visiting this site on a daily basis for these past few years. Thank you for your efforts.

  16. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM Frangtv  -  2019-11-13 at 19:04

    bollocks lol .. what's the point in paying when you don't add anything new / extra?

  17. Profile pic
    FINLAND PeteL  -  2019-11-14 at 21:25

    It was great while it lasted. Now it’s time to leave. Farewell, Autogespot.

  18. Profile pic
    KOSOVO AlbinVinarci  -  2019-11-16 at 19:42

    Autogespot team should consider rethinking their latest decisions for the future of their site.

  19. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA worthstyles  -  2019-11-20 at 12:45


  20. Profile pic
    SWEDEN vickar12  -  2019-11-20 at 23:12

    Not good.

  21. Profile pic
    GREECE Spyros PETS  -  2019-11-21 at 23:46

    I don't see a single person not complaining about this thing, except for us "privileged" of course. Instead of bashing new users like that, you should rather consider making the site more friendly to them, because – surprise – you're losing them.

  22. Profile pic
    POLAND twarek23  -  2019-12-07 at 20:04

    Autogespot - you are pathetic. You want to earn money from users of your site? Well... Sounds reasonable, business is business. But... Wait a moment. You don't have any own content! Your site is made of photos captured by other people! Why the F would you charge for that?

    Autogespot has always been free and available for anyone. Recently you've changed and required a FREE account to see all photos - fine by me. But this "premium" crap now? You want me to pay YOU the money to see photos of of OTHER people? Are you crazy or dumb?

    I wish this site to die soon. Facebook has already won the fight for car spotting groups, and you - the best alternative website - have chosen the path of loosing. I won't spend any moment on your site. Goodbye Autogespot, you are the EA of car spotting.

  23. Profile pic
    POLAND twarek23  -  2019-12-07 at 20:09

    By the way - I honestly encourage every single person who has ever posetd a photo on this website to see their lawyer on account of copyright issues. Someone else is making profit from the photos you've made...

    Autogespot - that's a nice pile of money you guys have from people you charge... It would be a shame if... the RIGHTFUL owners of those photographs would claim it, right? :)

  24. Profile pic
    BRAZIL di_12345  -  2019-12-08 at 19:58

    Adsense and publicity wasn't enough? Pay to see street cars photos? On Instagram and Youtube I can see lots of spots for free. Shame!

  25. Profile pic
    IRAN omid  -  2019-12-25 at 14:38

    Hi. Your site was great
    But you made me upset with this decision. I live in Iran
    US sanctions do not allow me to pay in euros
    I can't visit your site and am very upset
    Please free the site

  26. Profile pic
    SWEDEN vickar12  -  2019-12-26 at 02:41

    Omid: Just ask a relative outside of Iran to pay it for you.

  27. Profile pic
    ig8566620459  -  2019-12-30 at 01:22

    Making money from someone else's content
    Bunch of dickheads

  28. Profile pic
    SWEDEN vickar12  -  2020-01-10 at 14:28

    ig856... Yeah but isn’t that what the whole world does? Ever heard of YouTube?

  29. Profile pic
    JAPAN lx001  -  2020-02-20 at 10:36

    this site is trash

  30. Profile pic
    SPAIN CasualBCNspotter  -  2020-03-18 at 12:31

    Well, it seems like the team at Autogespot won't change their decision :( I loved this site, had an account with 17 spots and +20.000 views and at the end of last year wanted to go for a clean start (bad decision lol). Well, I couldn't just stop seeing the spots, but I don't think it's morally correct to pay for what was free and isn't provided by autogespot but by the community.
    So, for anyone interested, you can just keep seeing the spots by pasting the spot url in google images and you'll see all the pics.
    Hope it helps

  31. Profile pic
    RUSSIA Erjan  -  2020-03-28 at 09:10

    What a folly ? I'm disappointed... Is this a discrimination of poor people ?! #hatepremium

  32. This is not ok